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Highest SOTE available on the market today
Standard Oxygen Transfer Efficiency of 2.8% per foot of depth

“We transfer more Dissolved Oxygen than any other method in the world, & we do it using a fraction of the Horsepower.”

This is an entirely new method of aeration. Our Patented Technology transfers so much dissolved Oxygen that in a clean water test we reach maximum saturation in the time it takes to flow only half of the containment. Our process is simple, we draw from one end and inject the water in the other end through our patented Taeration Nozzle. This exclusive Push-Pull system allows for complete circulation and De-Stratification of your containment regardless of shape or depth. Drawing in only ambient air we are capable of air/water ratios as high as 10 to 1 and are achieving this using a fraction of the Horse Power used by all other methods. Retrofitting Industrial Applications with out of the gate energy saving up 70% makes this a long awaited solution for:

Pilot Specifications
LocationGSEE Lab - Lavergne,TN
DateJune, 2004
Containment500 Gallon Tank
DO Dissolved Oxygenremoved using (CoCl2 and NaSO3)
Water Temperature20 deg. Celsius
Equipment installed5 HP submersible pump
Video of AIA Aeration Cleanwater Demonstration
AIA Nozzle in action
Energy Efficiency (5HP Taeration system)
Equipment installed5 HP Gould's centrifugal pump with Baldor motor
pounds of O2 delivered / Hr.60.66
pounds of O2 transferred / Hr.6.67
Pounds of O2 transferred / KwH1.34
Mixing Rate120:1
View our full GSEE Lab Report (pdf)

Test Results for AIA 1/2 and 3/4 inch Nozzle Using 5 HP Goulds Pump
Nozzle Motive Flow
Motive Flow
Air Flow FPM
Feet / min
Air Flow GPM
gal / min
Air Flow CPM
cubic feet / min
Air / Water Ratios Max DO Time To Max Time to max saturation
8.6 mg/l
Aeration Rate GPS Air Flow to 100%
1/2" AIA 60.2 65 n/a 123.42 16.5 2.05/1 9.6 3:55 1:50 3.86 30.19 cf
3/4" AIA 125 55 740 203.95 27.26 2.63/1 9.6 2:20 1:30 6.04 49.88 cf

Oxygen transfer is determined using the ASCE clean water non-steady state test procedures.

Performance Data: SOTR Dissolved Oxygen per KwH
AIA Systems Operating P.S.I. Flow Rate Through Nozzle GPD GPD Mixing Rate Gallons Mixed Per Hour lbs. O2 Delivered/Hour lbs. O2 Transferred/Hour GSEE Certified SOTE Kw/H lbs. O2 Delivered/KwH lbs. O2 Transferred/KwH
20HP with 4 3/4" Nozzles 50 835,200 100m/gpd 4.17 290.80 31.98 11% 16.0 18.17 1.9987
15HP with 2 3/4" Nozzles 50 417,600 50m/gpd 2.08M 145.40 15.99 11% 12.0 12.11 1.3321
5HP with 1 3/4" Nozzle 50 208,800 25m/gpd 1.04M 72.70 8.00 11% 5.0 14.54 1.6

For complete circulation, AIA Aeration systems draw from the deepest part of the containment and the farthest away from the nozzle discharge. This is accomplished by the drawing from one end and discharging at the other. The mixing ability is further enhanced by the amount of air entrained in the nozzle flow. The AIA system is the only system that achieves complete circulation with the least amount of energy required.

Diagram of an AIA Aeration system installed at St Lucie Leachate Pond

Eductors typically have a mixing ratio of 5 to 1, One gallon in and five gallons mixed. AIA's mixing ratio is on the order of 120 to 1 because of the air water ratios induced by the nozzles, ensuring complete de-stratification. When our system is properly sized, as soon as all the water in containment has flowed through the nozzle ONE time, you can visually see a current flowing throughout the ENTIRE containment.