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Glossary of Terms

We've provided a glossary of terms specific to the aeration industry as a reference for anyone visiting the site who is unfamiliar with the terminology.

Industry Terms:
  • Aerobic Digestion -
    A bacterial process occurring in the presence of oxygen. Under aerobic conditions, bacteria rapidly consume organic matter and convert it into carbon dioxide. Once there is a lack of organic matter, bacteria die and are used as food by other bacteria.

  • Aqua Culture -
    The cultivation of aquatic organisms under controlled conditions.

  • BOD -
    Biochemical Oxygen Demand is a chemical procedure for determining how fast biological organisms use up oxygen in a body of water.

  • CAFO -
    Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations

  • COD -
    Chemecal Oxygen Demand is a test commonly used to indirectly measure the amount of organic compounds in a body of water.

  • DO -
    Dissolved Oxygen is a relative measure of the amount of oxygen that is dissolved or carried in a given medium.

  • Effluent -
    An outflowing of waste material (as smoke, liquid industrial refuse, or sewage) discharged into the environment especially when serving as a pollutant.

  • Leachate -
    The liquid that drains or "leaches" from a landfill, mostly caused by precipitation.

  • TKN -
    Total Kjeldahl Nitrates is the sum of organic nitrogen; ammonia, NH3 and ammonium, NH4+ in biological wastewater treatment.

  • Kjeldahl Method -
    A method for the quantitative determination of nitrogen in chemical substances developed by Johan Kjeldahl.

  • TSS -
    Total Suspended Solids is a measure of particulate weight obtained by separating particles from a water sample using a filter.

Aeration Terms
  • Aeration -
    The process by which air is circulated through, mixed with or dissolved in a liquid or substance.

  • Taeration -
    The fastest and most economical way to aerate a liquid, with complete mixing and de-stratification of a vessel or body of liquid, using only a centrifugal pump, and without a mechanical, artificial or venturi air supply.